Covata Limited on ASX

Prime Minerals & Cocoon Data Holdings Limited merge

Cocoon Data Holdings Limited (CDHL) has successfully completed a reverse takeover of Prime Minerals Limited as at 31 October 2014.  Prime Minerals Limited will be renamed "Covata Limited” and will operate within the information technology security industry.  It's currently expected that Covata Limited will re-list on the ASX on or around the 6th November 2014. (ASX: CVT)

Covata Limited's office and principal place of business to Level 4, 156 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW 2000.

About Covata Limited: 

Covata enables true ownership and control over your data in the cloud and over mobile services. Delivering data-centric security solutions without compromising simple usability; providing true end to end security. Your data is always protected wherever it may travel – inside your network, beyond the domain, to mobile devices and to the cloud – with granular access controls that extend to external ad hoc users, view only restrictions, real time revocation and complete visibility and audibility. 

Own Your Data, control your data and choose where it is stored – with complete assurance that it is protected and secure.

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